We favor quality over quantity and this sensibility allows each of our clients to receive our full and complete attention as well as access to the finest, most reliable vendors in the industry and the most spectacular locations.

Felicia Gentile is the creator behind Tutti Belle Events NYC. She has always had a lifelong dream to start her own event planning. design, and coordination business.

After getting her associate's degree in event planning many years ago she knew this is exactly where she was meant to be. But her career winded up taking a different direction and she ended up in the corporate world. Only a few years ago she really got back into planning by helping her family and friends plan their own life events.

This has made her fall in love all over again with being able to plan, design and execute other people's life events. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing what you envisioned in your head come to life right in front of you.

To be able to make someone else's vision a reality, and to see someone else's excitement/joy in what you just created for them is just so rewarding!